New Glitch Leads To Fastest Mario Kart 7 Track Time

Screenshot: Nintendo (Mario Kart 7)

Do you know Daisy has a cruise ship? And likewise that it’s filled with holes? Practically eight years after the sport’s launch, Mario Kart 7 gamers have discovered a brand new solution to glitch by way of the vessel’s hull and full the course in underneath a minute. That’s the shortest time of any monitor in all of Mario Kart 7.

Austrian speedrunner Thomas S. is one among Mario Kart 7’s most prolific racers, and over this previous weekend, he managed the sport’s first sub-one minute race, finishing Daisy Cruiser in simply 54.877 seconds. The brand new world file was due to a lately found glitch that makes it doable to skip the vast majority of every lap.

Triggering the glitch requires slamming into the internal guard-rail close to the beginning of the race with a view to clip by way of the ship into the decrease deck. Doing so permits the participant to skip a lot of the race by merely driving again up onto the highest deck and throughout the end line, at which level they will provoke the trick yet again.

It’s not the simplest trick to drag off, since slipping by way of the digital gap within the wall requires turning your kart virtually perpendicular on the actual second of impression. If profitable, you’ll really hit the water exterior the ship for a fraction of a second, inflicting the sport to register the remainder of the lap as accomplished.


Speedrunners beforehand used an analogous glitch to skip a big portion of this explicit monitor, however it was a lot additional alongside within the course and thus saved rather a lot much less time. The earlier file for Daisy’s Cruise ship was 1’10″198, so the brand new trick saved Thomas a superb quarter of a minute. The course can also be obtainable in Mario Kart Double Sprint the place it initially debuted, however that iteration of the course doesn’t have any of the glitches that Mario Kart 7 gamers have come to depend on.

As speedrunners proceed to indicate, each recreation on this collection has its personal distinctive glitches and tips. Mario Kart 7, which got here out for the 3DS in 2011, may not look nearly as good as the latest recreation within the collection, however clearly it nonetheless has loads of secrets and techniques ready to be uncovered. And, who is aware of, possibly there are nonetheless extra holes aboard Daisy’s ship.